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Our Semi-Custom 2019 line of strapless waveboards and foil boards is now in stock!

Rider Timo Sander, Cape Town February 2019 - Foto by Magnus Velander - board: T-wave 5´7" 2019 kite: Duetone Evo

2018 Futurefoilz Hydrofoil


Futurefoilz is a danish hydrofoil co-operations between Jonas Dalhoff and Thomas Alsbirk. Over the last 4 years Jonas and Thomas have been combining their technical skills of Machine Engineering, Fluid Dynamics, Composites and Ingenuity and general high level of riding in their effort of building the perfect freeride foils. The parts are partially manufactured in Denmark and overseas, combining the best of both worlds to maintain high quality and low prices.

Jonas and Thomas are handling all aspect of the processes themselves, from home build CNC milling machines for prototype moulds of new carbon wing prototypes etc to controlling manufacturing at facilities overseas.

Both foils and boards are build to last and can handle true freestyle riding, jumps and in general quite a lot of abuse (although there are of course some limits) 

Currently the Kite Foil Zero is in stock and we are setting up production of our own SUP/Surf foil as well. 

To try a Futurefoilz Zero and one of our exceptional Foil Boards, just contact us for a Demo!

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FutureFoilz Zero Hydrofoil (KF box)


High-Performance Hydrofoil with Maximum Fun Factor. This easy to use stable but fast hydrofoil is designed for performance, manoeuvers and FUN. Full Toray Carbon mast and wing construction!



Dkr 8.495,-  Dkr 5.494,- Ex Tax: Dkr 4.395,-

Futurefoilz Zero foil and board package

Dansk designet 100% carbon foil  - kun 1stk tilbage emd det lækre 130cm full carbon board, derfor spotpris!!

sælges komplet med foil rejsetaske, vingebeskyttere, carbon foilboard 130 incl boardsok.

Kontakt os gerne for mere info. Kan leveres i Århus og København eller sendes med GLS.


Dkr 13.495,-  Dkr 8.495,- Ex Tax: Dkr 6.796,-

Xcellerator 130x44 Carbon Foilboard

High Performance Full-Carbon hydrofoil freestyle board with KF Box (Futurefoilz compatible)

Designed for freestyle foiling with very good self stabilizing features when the board does touch down. Specialized semi-planning displacement bottom that works just beyond anything else for hydrofoiling!

Dkr 5.495,-  Dkr 4.495,- Ex Tax: Dkr 3.596,-

SUP-Zero Futurefoilz SUP/SURF FOIL

Dansk designet og udviklet KITE samt SUP/SURF som kan monteres i wave stand-up-padde (SUP) boards, foilboards  og surfboards. Fåes med plate eller KF boks. Leveringstid må påregnes da vi ikke lagerfører store mængder. Kontakt os for mulighederne for bestilling af SUPBOARD+FOIL eller SURFBOARD+FOIL 

 Designet af Jonas Dalhoff og Thomas Alsbirk. Mast og og Vinger er i full carbon, kroppen er i Aluminium for maximal torsionsstivhed og kroppen er produceret i Danmark.



Dkr 8.495,-  Dkr 6.995,- Ex Tax: Dkr 5.596,-

Xboard.dk - Independent Boardriders Collective

Semi-custom, small quantity, high quality board designs by Thomas Alsbirk. Futurefoilz Hydrofoils and Foilboards are made in collaboration with Jonas Dalhoff.

Contact Info: Xboard @ Thomas Alsbirk - Backersvej 133 2. sal 2300 København S - Denmark - phone +45 41820059 mail: xboard.dk@gmail.com - CVR/VAT: 27576206

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